Folks are often asking, what is with you & RLS?  Here's but one reason- his embodiment of wonder that was the potent spiritual elixir of his life. I would like everyone visiting this page to think on what it is that brings them to such powerful embracement of joy and freedom. I think often about this part of his genius emerging from an inherent spiritual nature (that was unafraid to question, to advocate for native peoples and those such as Father Damien, so maligned and who Stevenson defended in an open letter at risk of his own reputation).  

See him all a-lit here, I simply adore this photograph. Though he was gravely ill most of his life Stevenson was absolutely fearless under-sail. If you've been under-sail you know the sense of it, for me it is like being atop Haleakala at dawn! Hail the adventurer within the human spirit; for what awe-inspires manifests ones victory over adversity. I reflect on this when I am with a soul struggling and in pain and I tell them, there was once a great one, a living sage of sorts who overcame his woes by sheer will, by living un-afraid, by embracing the child & artist within. Please read the works of Alice Miller if you find yourself in 'the struggle', if you are wrestling with an issue you find you are unable to release yourself from.           

Aloha nui, Your Rabbi