A Sea Chanty Ode to the beloved spirit of RLS ©Rita Leonard original lyrics & music 'O THE SAILORS SOON DEFENDING' composed March 11, 2003



O the sailors soon defending, their right to brave the storm,

 For on land they’re all pretending, to hold peace within their hearts,

 To hold peace, peace, peace within their hearts. (2x)


 Do not blame the spirit-sailor, who cannot afford to stay,

 For to lose the dream and lovely, would have stilled the wind-full sail.

 Would have stilled, stilled, stilled the wind-full sail. (2x)


There’s a joy that can’t be spoken, when the wind fills up the sail,

 And you watch good sailors cast off, and you yearn to know these ones,

 These ones, these ones, these ones that freedom is calling,

 These ones, these ones, these ones that cannot remain.


Maybe we all love the sailors, as we toil upon the land,

 ‘Cause within we are made hopeful, by the dreams of mortal man,

 By the dreams, by the dreams, by the dreams of mortal man, (2x)